Why Choose Two Birds Media, LLC?

When I was planning my wedding I was so overwhelmed by all of the choices out there. How could I choose a good vendor and be sure we would work well together? Because of that experience, I put together some info about Two Birds Media, LLC and what we are all about to make this process easier for you. 

Here goes!

• We will work really well together if you like laughing and don't take things too seriously! I am laid back, fun, and enjoy working with people that have a similar attitude. 

• I want to work with people that genuinely want their most important moments captured. Not everyone is into getting photos taken, and I totally understand that! However, I have found that I get the best results and my clients enjoy their experience the most when we all want to be there. 

• Photography and videography are art, in my opinion, and I have discovered in the decade+ I have been doing this work that the best photos and videos come from sessions where clients understand this and let me guide them through the process. I totally understand wanting to make sure you get all of the photos you want (especially at weddings!) and I am always willing to work with a list. But clients that give me the freedom and the time to create for them will have the best time and get the most exciting, unique, and beautiful media. 

• I want to be your friend! This is especially important for weddings! Photographers and videographers will be with you all day on your wedding day. The entire process is so much more relaxed and fn when we know each other. I am absolutely down to grab a coffee with you and look over your wedding plans, or just get together with our dogs and go for a walk. My favorite weddings are always ones where I've developed a relationship with my clients, and I know they would say the same thing. 

Reception Fun


First Looks

• I LOVE it when clients find games to include their guests! 
Here is a link to some fun ideas!

• After the Tone! This is a really cool, modern-meets-vintage way to do a guest book! 

 Having a full invitation suite and details (think rings, other jewellery, cufflinks/tie clips, handwritten letters, perfume/cologne, etc.) ready in one place for me to capture for you! You work really hard on all of the details for your wedding and they should be captured for you! 

A first look with the couple and/or a parent is always so sweet! It allows you a private moment to feel the full impact of the day with your loved ones. It also helps keep the day flowing and gives you more time later in the day to be with your guests! 






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